G'day all...

Come on in … I'm so glad to see you here! Did you have a good journey ? I hope all that web traffic didn't create any problems with you finding my place. Evidently not, because here you are!  And now that you're here, that's all that matters. So sit back, chill out, grab a drink and relax. Let's have a chat, go through some photos and find the style of work that best fits your needs. Is that sweet with you?


Any questions....???

Why do you do what you do, Bryan?  

I approach photography as a gift. A picture captures time. The same photo can go forward and backward. It all depends on when it is seen by the human eye, your eye and my eye. It is what connects us. I love that idea. I'm not sure I know what you mean!  I guess what I'm saying is if you see a photo, it was taken in the past but before you viewed that same image, it was your future, though the image was taken in the present. Make sense?  Got it … ish.  Just think about it. But not too much or your brain might explode!


It sounds more like 'loving' than 'doing' to me. Is it? 

 Well, I can honestly say that this is a gift that I have been excited about for the past 30 years. It allows me to focus on the present moment. I also love photography because what I capture often provides a tangible memory to people. You might also say I love the fact that images make up a person's understanding of the world. Remembering moments, people, places and passions is part of the armour of life.


I have viewed some of your work on this site but I get the impression there is more to it than meets the eye?  

The bottom line is through the medium of photography, I will ensure my photographic skills meet your needs. I have covered a wide range of work over many decades. It has made me strive for a relaxed experience for everyone involved and to get the job done with a friendly approach.  As far as I'm concerned, it is always a collaborative, creative experience, and every image has value. 



So what are your future plans for photography, Bryan

Developing my personal work portfolio is big on my list. I intend to add more to this site. Combining my love for New York City and  the city of London and of coarse my photography work direction will play a huge part in that endeavour to expand my client base and produce more art based images.  There are a few new images to come that are in the idea stage, so stay tuned! You might say there are few other ideas on the back burner for 2020.


I'd love to talk photos with you, so if you have further questions, please fire away.

+61 410 300 500