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Lost Jill


I need  to find the owner of Jill . This little dog is from Central Park NYC  this photo was taken around December 10th 2012  Jill had cancer and was going to die not long after this photo. So I would love to find the owner of this great little Australian Cattle Dog so they have this photo.

Hands of Time

My mate ... Just short of his 105th year birthday ... What do you call friendship??? I call friend friendship Lewis Edward Milham ...rest in peace 


These are the hands of the love and joy of a man that has just turned 104 years old today. May God grant his wish today to be in peace forever. So he does not have to wait anymore as 37596 days is heaps for Lewis and I did not count the leap years. More than enough for most.  -  23-11-15... and I think everyone should take time to gain a friendship with anyone over 100 years old... even better photograph them....

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Lost Jill Hands of Time